12/08/2021 – 15/08/2021

Floating Man 2021 is going to be the third year of our liberty festival. This event is a party for all the libertarians and friends of our vision. You will get to enjoy all sorts of music, network with all varieties of individuals, and see for yourself the progress Liberland is making every day. 

There are plenty of accommodations in the area many of which are of a high standard. Therefore, you can also come with your kids. We will be gradually updating you on further details.


For questions use the link below:

Floating Man 2019:

“Mud, mosquitos and music – the original ingredients for a festival. Add in an airstrip, riverboats, cryptocurrency, Croatian police and a new micro nation taking its first baby steps and you get a better picture of Floating Man Festival, the newest festival on the circuit for the traveller who likes their adventure raw and untouched and their conversations peppered with political philosophy, and whose festival neighbours vary from nomadic world travellers to multimillionaires.”

Jillian Godsil, The Irish Times


Where can I sleep?

You can sleep in a tent in our tent city. Alternatively, there are numerous hotels and BnB’s in the city of Apatin and Sombor.

How can I come to the festival?

The festival takes place in Apatin, Serbia. You can come on the road from the closest international airports Budapest and Belgrade. Alternatively, there is a direct bus connection from Belgrade to Sombor – a city in close proximity where we can pick you up.

There is going to be a festival bus going from Budapest to the festival Area on Thursday, August 12. For a reservation send a message to

Do I need a VISA?

It depends on your citizenship. You do not need a visa if you are coming from the EU, the USA, and many other countries. Serbia is very open towards tourism and many travelers will be able to get their visa after arrival. 

Please check this page on Wikipedia to find out more about whether you need a visa

Is this festival kids friendly?

You can definitely take your kids and perhaps even your parents.

I want to volunteer!

If you are a musician or a passionate volunteer please send us a message using this link.

How about internet?

We will be selling Serbian Sim-cards with tons of data on-site.

Festival Schedule

Friday 13/8

9 am – Morning yoga and breath exercises

11 am – Conference 1st part/ watersports in parallel

1 – 3 pm – Lunchtime

3 pm – 6 pmConference 2nd part/ watersports in parallel

6 pm – Jazz band concert

8 pm – DJs

Saturday 14/8

9 am – Morning yoga and breath exercises

11 am – Freetime activities, watersports, music bands

8 pm – Bands, DJs

Sunday 15/8

9 am – Morning yoga and breath exercises

11 am – Boat trip to Liberland from the Apatin Marina

3 pm – Liberland ceremony on the Liberty Island

6 pm – Return from Liberland back to Apatin

Conference Speakers – 13/8


Morning Block

Vít Jedlička – Liberland News

Michal Ptáčník – Constituton of Liberland

Thomas Walls – Foreign Policy

prof. Milos Petrović – Liberland and Danube international waters

Vladimir Jerković – History of the Liberland territory

Chris Cox – Business in our Free Trade Zone

David Molineaux – Liberland in the US

Joey Langenbrunner – Liberland Aid Foundation

Sergio Bianchi – Architecture in Liberland

Tarek El-Akkad – Architecture in Liberland


Afternoon Block

Vladimir Jerković –  Floating Man

Rosalie Somogyi – Breathing excercises

Erwin Dokter – Zeniq Hub

Eric Czuleger – Traveling semi-recognized countries

Katarina Sarić – Liberart

Milica Tepavac – New Earth

Mário Havel – Dark web

Mirjana Maksimović – Liberwine on The Constantinople Wine Route

Gordon Einstein – DAOs for National Governance

Mei-Jing Ang – From face-to-face sales to online sales


The Frajle

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Three ladies… Nataša Mihajlović, Jelena and Nevena Buča, are members of the group The Frajle. Three vocals and an acoustic guitar can’t possibly conjure up what The Frajle really is. The performances with which they have won over the audience since 2009, are their specialty that sets them apart from other performers on the music scene and they have attracted audiences of different musical orientations.

Eros Myth EU

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Eros Myth EU is one the four main Aerosmith Tribute bands in Europe. Never changed the original pitch of a single song to suit the vocals and always concentrated on the show for the people to enjoy their time the most. The team consists of 13 people of which the 9 are performing on stage. To see and hear it yourself is worth thousand words, the section of videos is there for you exactly for this purpose, so you can taste the band. It will be updated with videos as they come around. Of course it is not the feel of the life performance, but you can get the idea… 

Protoneurosys x VJ Hype

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Protoneurosys (originally: ПРОТОНЕУРОЗИС) is drone/spacesynth project from Subotica (Serbia), led by multidisciplinary artist Daniel Tikvicki. Inspired mainly by drone metal progenitors Sunn O))), Earth, the forefather of ambient music Vangelis, and many many other bands and artists as well, music from Protoneurosys is exploration of human nature’s borders and pure harmony of sound, through experiments, weird sound colours and melody patterns. B2B act for this occasion is Hype (Aleksandar Đević), old friend and masterful graphic designer, as a VJ.

Pat Berry

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Weeping blues guitar, dreamy voice and wide dynamic range… Simply music of a Czech guitar player, singer and songwriter Patt Berry.


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World today strives too hard and people are irresponsibly ignoring systems control mechanisms stretching it’s roots deeper and deeper in our daily life selling to people lowest level happinesses for the highest price of a Life. Hopefully you will find some attractive prayers to see power yourself up for striving for Truth!


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Eggstempo is an electronic lo-fi artist based in London. His production spans different genres and tempos but is highly influenced by glitch hop, dubstep, grime, breaks, bass, and chicago footwork and more. He makes music and soundscapes using old Nintendo gaming consoles and other machines not. His motto is creation through limitations.

Fish Vibes

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Dea Tosh

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Julius F

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Major Lee Blunt

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Big Money T

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DJ Emma Yasumi

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The event takes place in  a walking distance from Apatin. You can leave your car at the festival area.

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Do you have any questions regarding the festival or your arrival?