Learning from experience at events like Burning Man or Ephemerisle, we are about to bring to you something unseen in Europe and the Balkans. You will join an event visited by freedom lovers from all around the world. Principles of Liberty reflect the spirit of the event. You will get to meet Liberlandian representatives, citizens and supporters all together at a beautiful environment of the youngest country in the world.




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You can get a discount if:

  • You bring and perform a piece of you own art
  • Prepare a useful lecture about something relevant
  • Volunteer to help us make the event happen in several ways (security, medic, help in putting up the facilities / cleaning up before and after the festival)



Liberland International Airport



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What VISA do I need?

Festival will take place within Serbian territory, very close to Liberland.

Please, see what visa you need to visit Serbia:


note: EU citizens do not need VISA.


How about accomodation?

There are numerous hotels close to the festival area.

However, we will provide a tent city within the walking distance from the festival.

How to get here?

BY AN AIRPLANE: Book your tickets to one of the following airports. 

Nikola Tesla Airport, Belgrade, Serbia (BEG)

Budapest Airport, Budapest, Hungary (BUD)

Osijek Airport, Klisa, Croatia (OSI) 

WARRNING – Osijek Airport is the nearest to the festival. Still, it is in Croatia territory, you might experience issues and delays on border cross; for your own comfort do not mention you are attending a Liberandian event 🙂

BY A CAR: Drive to Sombor, Serbia ( information about the venue will be specified soon ) STAY TUNED

You can also use The Liberland CarPool


If you are planning to hire a car in any European country except of Serbia, please make sure that you can drive the vehicle to Serbia.

Is Floating Man kids friendly?

Yes, we are preparing activities for kids. Families with kids are very welcome.

What should I bring with me?

A tent, unless you are staying at a hotel 🙂 



“Mud, mosquitos and music – the original ingredients for a festival. Add in an airstrip, riverboats, cryptocurrency, Croatian police and a new micro nation taking its first baby steps and you get a better picture of Floating Man Festival, the newest festival on the circuit for the traveller who likes their adventure raw and untouched and their conversations peppered with political philosophy, and whose festival neighbours vary from nomadic world travellers to multimillionaires…”

Jillian Godsil / Irishtimes.com