Floating Man Festival

The Bands / Artist

Marko Luis

Marko Luis, one of the most talented and productive singer-songwriters in the Balkans, will present his album entitled “Freedom”. “Freedom” reaches deep into the soul of humanity, creating a powerful voice of positivity and love in these challenging times. 

Del Arno Band

Del Arno Band is a Serbian and former Yugoslav reggae band from Belgrade. Formed in 1986, Del Arno Band are considered the longest lasting Serbian reggae band, and one of the pioneers of Serbian and former Yugoslav reggae scenes.

Nipple People – The Band

Nipplepeople have been among Croatia’s best-kept secrets for nearly a decade now and yet, even on the Croatian-Serbian music scene where everybody knows them, nobody knows them. The male-female duo insist on anonymity, wearing masks during performances or for rare interviews.

Gift Novi Sad – The Band

The genre that this band nurtures is Britpop. The group started working under this name in 1999 and decided to deal with “covers” or covers of songs. The band first gained local and then region-wide popularity, playing songs by bands and artists such as: Suede, Pulp, Blur, Radiohead, Placebo, Bowie, Depeche Mode etc.  Original songs of the same genre are the main focus of this band today.

Floating Man Festival

Our Guest Speakers

Lawrence W.Reed

President Emeritus of FEE


Peter Young

Free Private Cities

Jason Miller

Gettr CEO

Kirsten Pomales Langenbrunner

Enabling Freedom through decentralized work reputation

Marianna Sadecka


Bruno Ver

Liberland New Gold Era

Samuela Davidova

Remote Girl

Karthik Iyer

Bitcoin – The Next Phase

Dimitri Antoniades

Being a Nomad in Mauritius


Arvin Khamseh

NFT Marketing


Michael Cobb

Real Estate in Latin America

Michal Ptacnik

Laws in Liberland


Nenad Pagonis

Serbian kickboxer and boxer

Mirjana Maksimovic

Mirjana Maksimović

Women and Wine Serbia

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