The first Floating Man Music Festival is set to take place at Airport, located only ten km away from Liberland.
Saturday will be on the Danube, visiting Liberland with different ships. It’s a great opportunity to see the construction of Floating.ll.land as well the Free Trade zone in the port of Apatin.

Learning from best experience of events like Burning Man or Ephemerisle, we are bringing something new to Europe and the Balkans. Principles like self reliance and high regard for the environment reflect the spirit of the event. You can also meet Liberland artists, thinkers and best musicians in addition to visiting Liberland from skies or by boat.

Side events include a presentation of Music experience will include some of the best Liberland DJs and jazz performers. We are looking forward to host Varhan Orchestrovič Bauer, the famous composer of Liberland’s anthem. Accommodations can be arranged in one of nearby hotels or directly on the spot with tents.

Thursday, August 15

You can go there by boat taxi from Caffe de Sol, Sombor. In this case contact Captain Machak to arrange a ride: +381644228421 (WhatsApp). You will see the surrounding area and arrive at the point where the festival is taking place – Liberland Cora Airport. You will learn about the Airport and will see aero acrobatics. It will be followed with DJs performances.

Friday, August 16

At 10 am the conference starts, at the same time with other activities. At the conference, you will hear the lectures of President of Liberland Vít Jedlička, Liberland Representatives from different countries, one of the most popular politicians in Croatia Ivan Pernar and many others. You can take flight lessons during any part of the festival.

Saturday, August 17

The whole Saturday will be spent on water – Danube river. At 10 am we are going to the island next to Liberland and visiting the construction site of Bitcoin Freedom, Free Trade Zone and then going to Plava Ruza, Apatin, where the Jazz party will be happening from 7 pm. The band “Heaven is Creepy” will be playing on the Festival.

List of speakers and topics:

Vít Jedlička

President of Liberland

Future of Liberland

David Abed

Liberland representative in Costa Rica

Flag theory

Vahid Toosi

Presidential advisor on blockchain technology and CEO of Ghostbustersx.io

Updates on Liberland governance modules

Christopher Gronski

Founder of DestinationFreedom.org

State vs. U.S. (federal) Citizenship; The Unknown Choice

Daniel Dabek

Representative of Liberland in Serbia

Safex.io is first Serbian crypto exchange

Jaln Gobsol

Liberland representative in Ireland

Women in Blockchain

Zoran Dražič

Liberland Rotary Club

Rotary history and future


List of bands:

Lucien Zell

Hailed as a “21st Century Troubadour,” Lucien Zell was born in LA and raised in Seattle. Since 1998, Zell’s been based in Prague, where he founded the rock band The Wavemen, and where five books (four poetry collections and one novel) have been published by Czech, French and Russian presses. This year Lucien’s first American book, a collection of poetry, Tiny Kites, was published by Dos Madres and as a lyricist and composer, his songs have been released by Warner, Sony, and Universal Music.


Layka is an experimental duo based in Osijek, Croatia. Their music defies being pigeonholed, as every song has a style of its own. Being an instrumental duo, Layka relies heavily on jamming and improvisation influenced by a wide array of acts from John Coltrane to Squarepusher and various outsider acts. The band was formed in 2018 by Ivor and Ante Bilonić, and is constantly writing new material and looking for gigs.

Brujia Degree

Brujia Degree is an electronic duo from London. Formed in Birmingham by a master in neuroscience and a master in nuclear physics, their sound infuses dark sci-fi scapes with melodic pop breaks and hip hop vocals. Experimental and underground is their style, as if you were in a tunnel where some daylight pours in through holes from the ceiling.

Heaven is Creepy

The trio is made up of experienced Sombor musicians and consists of: Robert Sič (double bass), Dragoslav Mitrović (saxophone) and Siniša Kelić (guitar). The repertoire is rich and versatile, and it can find exquisite jazz hits, from swing to more modern

The Hat Matters

The band was founded in 2013 by eminent Sombor jazz artists Rafael Juhas (keyboards) and Robert Sich (double bass). Soon they were joined by an eclectic Sombor drummer, Sinisa Karalic.


DOLlars or Merits



You can also ask for discount or get it free if:

  • You bring and perform your piece of art
  • Come and sell something useful to other people
  • Prepare a useful lecture about something
  • Help us make the event happen in several ways (security, medic, help with set up and strike / clean up).


Cora Airport and Liberland



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