11/08/2022 – 14/08/2022

Floating Man 2022 is going to be the fourth year of our liberty festival. This event is a party for all the libertarians and friends of our vision. You will get to enjoy all sorts of music, network with all varieties of individuals, and see for yourself the progress Liberland is making every day. 

There are plenty of accommodations in the area many of which are of a high standard. Therefore, you can also come with your kids. We will be gradually updating you on further details.

Ово ће бити четврта година нашег Фестивала слободе ” Floating Man”. Овај догађај је забава за све либертаријанце широм света и пријатеље наше визије. Моћи ћете да уживате у разноврсној музици, умрежићете се са занимљивим појединцима, и уверити се у напредак који Либерланд свакодневно остварује. Постоји много повољног смештаја у овој области Бачког Подунавља, од којих су неки и високог стандарда. Стога можете доћи и са својом децом. Постепено ћемо вас обавештавати о новим детаљима организације.



Thursday, 11th of August 

  • 4 pm Welcome party
  • 8 pm DJ Big Money T
  • Karaoke

Friday, 12th of August

  • 10 am QiGong
  • 1 pm Poker Contest
  • 8 pm The Frajle

Saturday, 13th of August

  • 10 am QiGong
  • 11 am – 7 pm Liberland Metaverse Conference
  • 9 pm Gift
  • 11 pm Nipple People
  • Dj Danny

Sunday, 14th of August

  • 10 am – 4 pm Boat trip to Liberland (for Gold ticket holders, €100 per person for other attendees)
Gold ticket
Festival Entry
Speedboat Cruise to Liberland
VIP Dinner
Food All inclusive
Antimosquito tent access
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Where can I sleep?

You can sleep in a tent in our tent city. Alternatively, there are numerous hotels and BnB’s in the city of Apatin and Sombor.

How can I come to the festival?

The festival takes place in Apatin, Serbia. You can come on the road from the closest international airports Budapest and Belgrade. Alternatively, there is a direct bus connection from Belgrade to Sombor – a city in close proximity where we can pick you up.

There is going to be a festival bus going from Budapest to the festival Area on Thursday, August 12. For a reservation send a message to

Do I need a VISA?

It depends on your citizenship. You do not need a visa if you are coming from the EU, the USA, and many other countries. Serbia is very open towards tourism and many travelers will be able to get their visa after arrival. 

Please check this page on Wikipedia to find out more about whether you need a visa

Is this festival kids friendly?

You can definitely take your kids and perhaps even your parents.

I want to volunteer!

If you are a musician or a passionate volunteer please send us a message using this link.

How about internet?

We will be selling Serbian Sim-cards with tons of data on-site.


The event takes place in  a walking distance from Apatin. You can leave your car at the festival area.

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Contact #Liberland

Do you have any questions regarding the festival or your arrival?

General questions:


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