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How do I get there?

BY CAR: Drive to the city of Apatin.

You can also use The Liberland CarPool

If you are planning to hire a car in any European country that isn’t Serbia, please make sure that you can drive the vehicle to Serbia.

BY AN AIRPLANE: Book your flight tickets to one of the following airports:

Nikola Tesla Airport, Belgrade, Serbia (BEG)

Budapest Airport, Budapest, Hungary (BUD)

There will be a shuttle bus from Budapest Airport (BUD) on Thursday 13th leaving at midnight. For more information about the shuttle bus contact us via email at .


What VISA do I need?

Festival will take place within Serbian territory, close to Liberland.

EU citizens do not need VISA at all. Most other nationals will be able to get visa right at the border-cross.

Please, make sure about that here:



What do you mean by crypto-only festival?

It means that anytime during the festival you can exchange your fiat money (Euros, USD, Dinars, etc ) to any cryptocurrency to make any purchases and payments.

There aren’t any restrictions on what type of cryptocurrency you decide to use but we must inform you that most merchants accept Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin.

What about accommodation?

There are multiple hotels at Apatin and Sombor.

However with any ticket you have access to the camping site. The closest to the site is Zlatna Kruna which offers single, double and tripple rooms and a restaurant. Check it out!

Is Floating Man child friendly?

Absolutely! We offer plenty of family friendly activities and games such as paddle boats rides, water slides, frisbee, football and more! We will also provide a daycare service for the kids. We welcome all, big and small. That’s the Liberland way.

What about internet?

While we don’t provide our own Wifi you need not worry. The whole site is covered by 4G signal.

What about Covid-19?

We have measures in place that respect the WHO guidelines for social distancing. However we strongly encourage the use of common sense and proper hygiene. Masks and hand sanitizer can be purchased at the local shops only 5 minutes away from the site.

Floatingman 2019

Last year we had our very first Floatingman in a local airfield. We gathered from all four corners of the world to celebrate our music and culture under the Balkan sun.


Would you like to perform? Do you have any questions?